optimapThe importance of Optimap


Nearly all industries realize the importance of measuring gloss to improve the quality of their products. Numerous studies have revealed that the gloss level of a product contributes to the psychological impact equally the same as its color. The optimap is a revolutionary new portable instrument that you can use to assess the surface finish of your products. It employs an advanced measuring technology known as Phase Stepped Deflectometry (PSD) to allow you make fast, objective measurement of a large area without making any physical contact.

Benefits of measuring gloss of your products

Monitoring the surface quality of your products enables you to highlight unusual gloss levels, avoiding the costs of recalling or re-coating them. Below are some of the industries that need the service of our Gloss Meter.

• Automotive Industry

If you have invested in this business sector, you need to deliver quality products with color and gloss levels that have maximum appeal to your customers. You need to apply the appropriate gross levels in various parts from the very matte soft touch internal touch to the mirror finish, chrome parts.

• Paints and coatings industry

People in the paints and coatings businesses need to control the gloss levels through the process from formulation, manufacturing and during application. Otherwise, they may end up offering substantial visual differences in batches to their customers.

• Furniture industry

You can paint, varnish, coat, or stain your furniture to any gloss from the highest to the very matte gloss, depending on your needs. Nevertheless, it is critical to control the gloss of the furniture for batch consistency throughout this process. It also helps you to check if you have applied the coating on every part and if it is drying correctly.

• Plastic industry

Gloss measurement is necessary for products of different sizes and shapes manufactured in the plastic industry. Customers may reject your products just because of small gloss differences. It can also help you to identify a problem in the manufacturing process and access the quality of the plastic raw materials.


optimap can maximize on customer impact by ensuring products with high-quality finishes, which are defects and blemish free, and homogeneous.